Thursday, September 14, 2017

Send a Smile 4 Kids Continues to Grow!!

I am thrilled to announce that Send a Smile 4 Kids has just added two more volunteers who will be accepting your handmade cards for kids who are inpatient at three Texas children's hospitals!

Texas is a big state and both of our new Texas volunteers recently stepped up to help these kids even though where they both live is still dealing with the aftermath of the recent hurricane. 

Please help me welcome Jill Blasche and Cyndi Amaya! Their beautiful faces are over on the right and their addresses have been added to the Contact Us page.

Jill Blasche will be accepting cards for the kids at Texas Children's Hospital-The Woodlands Campus in Woodlands Texas. The address to send her cards for the kids is:

Send a Smile 4 Kids c/o Jill Blasche
7118 Palisades Hts. Dr.
Houston TX 77095

Jill also has a friend who will be helping her in accepting and organizing the cards and her name is Jan Kloss. We thank both Jill and Jan for stepping up to help cheer more kids!

Cyndi Amaya will be accepting cards for the kids in the Children's Hospital of San Antonio and the Christus Santa Rose-New Braunfels Hospital. SAS4Kids thanks Cyndi for volunteering too!

Her address is:
Send a Smile 4 Kids c/o Cyndi Amaya
12122 Upton Park
San Antonio, TX 78253

Cyndi did mention that her hospital was looking for some "Congrats- You are going home" cards. Otherwise, right now both our new volunteers will need all kinds of cards including cheery everyday cards, thank you cards, birthday cards and of course the upcoming holiday cards especially Christmas and Happy Holidays cards. 

All of our volunteers need Fall and Halloween cards (Non-Scary!) if you can get them to them by early or mid October. And then we would like all the kids in the children's hospitals we serve to receive a Christmas or Happy Holidays card and to be able to choose some for the medical staff or to send to relatives they are missing if they are in the hospitals on Christmas or Hanukkah or the holiday season.

We thank you all for the cards sent and hope all the volunteers receive enough cards to help put smiles on many children's faces now and into the new year.

Sending smiles 4 Kids, Karen 

Sunday, June 18, 2017

Yes We are Very Much Active:)

I am sorry if there is ever any question as to whether or not we are still accepting cards for our kids in the children's hospitals we serve if there is not a new post here. 

Check out all the activity here on this page: Our volunteers are very busy and grateful for every card sent in. We are posting new challenges twice a month on the challenge side and our volunteers also post updates on the side of the home blog page with current needs, so I assume it is obvious that we are active. 

We are always in need of boy's cards and teenage cards, as well as everyday cheerful cards and thank yous. Next holidays to think about are Halloween (not scary) and Christmas or Happy Holidays. 

Thanks so much for all you do for our kids!

Karen SAS4Kids

Monday, November 7, 2016

Current Needs and Updated Guidelines

Before we know it, Thanksgiving and Christmas will be here! All of the volunteers listed on the Contact Us page are currently in need of winter and holiday cards for the kids in the hospitals they serve. We would like all the kids to receive a holiday card and to also be able to choose some to send to family or friends they are missing. The suggested deadline is early December so the volunteers have time to check, label, box and mail the cards to the hospitals in time.

As for other types of cards, please keep in mind the numbers of kids needing birthday or any day cards just isn't the hundreds you may have sent in for OWH. I have added this paragraph to the Guidelines:

**Please know that we appreciate all the cards sent in, but do not have the need for hundreds of cards from any individual card maker. Holiday cards are always in demand, but as for the other categories, please make your cards unique and think "Quality over Quantity." Our volunteers have asked that you check your cards to be sure they are sturdy and clean  of all adhesive marks and that all card elements (such as sequins or ribbons) are securely attached. Please line the insides of all darker colored cards. We are working to fulfill as many hospital requests as possible while ensuring the cards are in great shape when given to one of our special kids.**

After Christmas we will need Valentines and Spring cards such as Easter, Mother's and Father's Day. Please keep older boys and girls in mind, too, as you design your cards. 

Thank you so much for all you do to put smiles on our kids' faces!

Karen SAS4Kids

Friday, May 13, 2016

Exciting News and Updates- See September Edit

We are thrilled today to announce SAS4Kids is continuing to grow and we are adding one new volunteer who will be delivering your cards to kids who are inpatient in another children's hospital! I was contacted recently by Barb MacAskill and she wanted to volunteer to receive cards for the University of Vermont Children's Hospital in Burlington, Vermont. This is what she shared with me:

"As a child I had cancer twice and was treated by the amazing staff at the hospital. All of the nurses and doctors were wonderful and I still keep in touch with some of them over 35 years later. Most of the staff attended my wedding and my doctor is my son's godfather." 

Here is Barb's address:

SAS4Kids C/O
Barbara MacAskill
187 Erskine Road
Williamstown, VT 05679

**EDITED TO ADD 9/25/16: Barb has not been well and has been unable to acknowledge receipt of the boxes you may have sent. Please do not -at this time- mail her any more boxes of cards until we post another update. All cards that have been sent to her are greatly appreciated and will be delivered in October to the kids at her hospital.**

Barb is ready to start receiving cards from our wonderful donors right away. Currently all our volunteers (except LeeAnn- see note in the last blogpost), are looking for Father's Day cards if you can send in the next few weeks. Otherwise, there is always a need for everyday cheer, thank yous, birthday and all holidays. Please keep the older kids in mind when designing cards too. Even if there is not a current update here or on the side, please keep sending in your handmade cards for our kids. We do update the challenge side every week and the cards the design team makes are good examples of the types of cards we would love to receive for our kids.

Welcome Barb! And as always, thanks to all of our awesome card making donors!

Stamping Smiles 4 our Kids, Karen